Grassini, Wrinkle & Johnson has enjoyed unparalleled success before the California
Courts of Appeal, California Supreme Court and United States Supreme Court.

Cornette v. Department of Transportation (2001) 26 Cal.4th 63 (Supreme Court holds "changed conditions" exception to design immunity defense must be decided by jury on disputed facts); John B. v. Superior Court (Bridget B., RPI) (2006) 38 Cal.4th 1177, (Supreme Court allows wife to sue husband for infecting her with HIV); City of Santa Barbara v. (Janeway, RPI) (2007) 41 Cal.4th 747 (Supreme Court holds exculpatory releases invalid as to gross negligence); Santos v. Scott Villa Apartments (2012) No.231171 (case against apartment complex based on the murder of plaintiffs daughter must be tried by jury); Diaz v. Sugar Transport Company (2011) 51 Cal.4th 1148 (Supreme Court rules that admission of vicarious liability subsumes negligent hiring claim); Curlender v. Bio-Science Laboratories (1980) 106 Cal.App.3d 811 (first appellate decision in United States to recognize tort cause of action for "wrongful life"); Fortman v. Hemco (1989) 211 Cal.App.3d 241 (establishing strict products liability against "participant," i.e., mold maker, in overall enterprise; affirmance of $26,000,000 compensatory injury award against charge of excessiveness); Ferrell v. So. Nev. Off-Road Enthusiasts (1983) 147 Cal.App.3d 309 (pre-accident exculpatory release held not binding); April Enterprises v. KTTV/Metromedia, Inc. (1983) 147 Cal.App.3d 805 (joint venture created by inferences, contract statute of limitations tolled while breach undisclosed; affirmance of $17,000,000 punitive damages); Fortman v. Safeco (1990) 221 Cal.App.3d 1394 (excess versus primary insurer bad faith action allowed without judgment against insured; Martinides v. Mayer (1989) 208 Cal.App.3d 1185 (conditional res ipsa loquitur applied to establish both defendants as driver of hit-and-run vehicle); Bihun v. AT&T (1993) 13 Cal.App.4th 976 ($1,500,000 sex harassment verdict upheld; 998 interest); Inouye v. County of Los Angeles (1994) 30 Cal.App.4th 278 (County vicariously liable for shooting by off-duty Safety Police Officer involved in traffic dispute); Cheyanna M. v. A.C. Nielsen Co. (1998) 66 Cal.App.4th 855 (minor who sues for wrongful death of alleged father may use DNA testing to prove parentage); Rookhuizen v. Wilshire Reconveyance, Inc. (1987) 190 Cal.App.3d 1459 (punitive damage award affirmed against home loan company for refusing to cancel foreclosure); Kates v. Workmen's Auto Insur. Co. (1996) 45 Cal.App.4th 494 (notice requirements, under the Insurance Code, for a valid cancellation of an automobile liability policy for failure to pay premium); Hisel v. County of Los Angeles (1987) 193 Cal.App.3d 969 (right of nondependent heirs of employee killed in course and scope of employment to sue under the 1982 Wrongful Death Act, against a challenge of exclusivity); Willenberg v. Superior Court (1986) 185 Cal.App.3d 185 (the "firefighter" rule applied to a veterinarian attacked by a dog); Forrand v. Foodmaker, Inc. (1986) 182 Cal.App.3d 196 (duty of fast food restaurant to warn customers that it had just been robbed at gunpoint); Young v. Ross-Loos Medical Group (1982) 135 Cal.App.3d 669 (application of the five-year statute to contractual arbitration proceedings); Williams v. Transport Indemnity Co. (1984) 157 Cal.App.3d 953 (Royal Globe action brought by widow of injured claimant who died during pendency of claim); Droz v. Pacific National Insurance Company (1983) 138 Cal.App.3d 181 (right of employee to bring bad faith tort action against employer's worker's compensation insurer); Coy v. County of Los Angeles (1991) 235 Cal.App.3d 1077 (statute of limitations applicable to action for claim and delivery and conversion); Taylor v. Volkswagen of America (1980) 2d Civil No. C75801 (expanding the law of defective automobile design while affirming one of the ten largest jury verdicts in the country in 1979); April Enterprises, Inc. v. KTTV (1988) 2d Civil No. B 022890 (affirming $14 million punitive damage award for breach of joint venture); Metromedia, Inc. v. April Enterprises (United States Supreme Court, 1989) No. 88-625 (the constitutionality of punitive damages); Plum v. Ford Motor Company (1984) 2d Civil No. 67963 (upholding finding of defective design of Ford wheels); Hilberg v. Kohler Company (1989) 2d Civil No. B028601 (affirming a $969,000 award for two broken fingers against a charge of excessiveness); Armendariz v. Hushaw, M.D. (1984) 4th Civil No. E000451 (upholding jury instruction on inflation); Perez v. Larry Hall Trucking Company, Inc. (1994) 4th Civil No. E016968 (affirmed multimillion dollar award where plaintiffs' driver rear-ended defendant's truck); Helm v. Adams, Duque & Hazeltine (1989) Supreme Court No. S012136; 2d Civil No. B043180 (lack of probable cause as a matter of law in malicious prosecution case); State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. v. Superior Court, 2d Civil No. B019520 (successful excess bad faith case); Abreu v. Superior Court (1986) 2d Civil No. B023873 (dismissal of legal malpractice action reversed by Court of Appeal); Hernandez v. Ohio Casualty Group (1992) 2d Civil No. B061103 ($19 million bad faith award — successfully resolved); Bruckel v. Sears, Roebuck & Company, Inc. (1994) 2d Civil No. B077425 (judgment against Sears for defective lawnmower design upheld); Trigg v. Transpacific Development Company (1995) 2d Civil No. B089197 (dismissal of construction accident case reversed); Brown v. Valenzuela Engineering, Inc. (2000) 2d Civil B127617 (summary judgment in construction action reversed); Jazmin v. El Centro Foods, Inc. (2003) 2d Civil No. B162233 (establishing the vicarious liability of a franchisor for the negligence of its franchisee); Jazmin v. Sookasian (2003) 2d Civil No. B164040 (judgment for the defendant reversed on appeal).